Tuesday, 23 September 2014

JET SET: The Sartorial Doll Takes Monaco PART 3

Okay so who would have thought that my 48 hour trip to Monaco would warrant me to write a 3-part blog post...I literally managed to cram in so so much! Take me back...48 hours definitely wasn't enough! Missing you already Jazz! {x}
I am a total city girl and I love all the quirky goings-ons and madness of the concrete jungle that is London. In London, you have everything at your fingertips, and well, it is arguably the biggest fashion capital of the world; competing with New York, Paris and Milan. What isn't there to love apart from the traffic, the people (at times) .....if you hate 'people' you're better off as a country bumpkin because London can be fierce and I love it! Lucky for me, I am one of those weirdos who literally makes friends in the street...I love people and love talking to people so I just can't help myself sometimes!
 Aside from my admiration for London, I am besotted with the South of France, in fact I may even prefer it to Italy. With its beautiful landscapes and long winding roads, equipped with hidden bridges and overgrown pathways, smothered by exotic roses and vast amounts of ivy.. there is something so enchanting and romantic about the South of France.

From L-R: Millie, Jazzmin and I

The reason for my trip to Monaco as mentioned in Part 1; was to attend and celebrate in style, my BFFs 21st Birthday Bash and so that is EXACTLY what we did! We drank more champagne than water...literally... and ate an enormous amount of food with 3 courses of deliciousness!

So here's the lowdown y'all:

Where? Zelos Beach, Monaco
Who Went? This was a special day celebrating with just close friends and family
Theme? Boho Chic
Who Wore What?
~ * ~
~ Millie ~
wore this gorgeous chiffon, tie-dye maxi dress which fastened down the front, head to toe with buttons. A perfect choice for Jazzy's Boho Chic Theme
~ Jazzmin ~
 wore this vintage style, lace, swing dress accompanied by a pair of glamorous platform wedges. Unfortunately the name of the boutique is unknown as Jazzmin picked up these beauties in St.Tropez!
~ Bea ~
So I don't know if you noticed...but my dress looks like it's from Missoni...but it's not, in fact my dress is from Warehouse.

Designer vs. Highstreet.
Designer 0 - 1 Highstreet. BAM!

 This simple little beach dress was perfect for the occasion and I accessorised it with this beautiful flower crown c/o Jazzmin. It just so happens that all the colours match up. Anyone who knows me well...knows it is all about colour co-ordination and it is always in the details.

I wore my Topshop, white 'Spice Girls' wedges and accompanied my look with my Gucci Soho Disco Bag.
What to drink?
Well..Champagne obviously
Dans le Menu?
Starter: Grand Platters of sushi, tomato, mozzarella & avocado salad drizzled with a pesto dressing accompanied by Parma ham and Melon mountains
Main: I opted for the seabass.. I mean if you're in a beach bar you should really have the fresh fish surely? Alternatively there was the Steak which look HUGE but my gosh it was delicious (I obviously had a nibble of mums..)
Dessert: Jazzmin's 21 cake made for her by her wonderful nana! The 2 and the 1 were different cakes and both were ever so delicious!

This is honestly enough to feed 3 if not 4... the biggest steak for 1 I have ever seen and IT WAS DELICIOUS!


Jazzmin's mummy Lisa set up this beautiful area where photos were taken and gifts were placed. This was so beautiful and meaningful with photos of Jazzy from birth to present covering the table and the wall, accompanied by these stunning flowers (which guess what, they're fake? THEY LOOK BLOODY DAMN REAL!!!). Overall the venue was decorated beautifully by Lisa with even the smallest details making their beauty known. Sprinkling the table with real Swarvoski crystals was absolutely fabulous...you girls definitely know how to party in style!

Jazzy was spoilt rotten with a whole variety of amazing gifts!! Millie and I got Jazzy the Tiffany Infinity ring as a sign that we will be the best of friends forever. Ceeerrruuuute.

I love this Chanel, Perfum Bottle iPhone 5 case which Naomi brought back from Shanghai for Jazzy. Total LOVE! Doesn't she look gorgeous! Jazzmin looked every part of beautiful on her special day!

Peace out Bitchessssss

OBVIOUSLY there were real Swarvoski Crystals decorating the tables, so Naomi and I decided to make good use of the crystals.. creative caroline over here...

I absolutely love this flower crown!! Grab yours from Claire's Accessories!

But first....

Meet my mother - ello Sarah 

I even got to dip my feet in the ocean and feel the sand inbetween my toes...


Yeah that one at the very back...that's me...I went quite a lot further before falling in the deep and V dark water... UH OH
...and then there was PADDLE BOARDING. OK. Guess what! I am terrified of the sea and dark water, sharks and pretty much anything that I can't see below me; however this can be overcome at times depending on the circumstances. E.g. Crystal clear waters are okay and so is scuba diving. Anyways...Millie and I set off, sharing a board, with Millie paddling to begin with...Millie fell in whilst I watched and laughed. Then I got waaaaay too cocky and went out solo.. I went so far, standing up and paddling first, resulting in....well.... I BLOODY FELL IN DIDN'T I. Typical. I was genuinely terrified, at first I just screamed and did doggy-paddle and then I was like 'MOVE'. It was all something to laugh about in the end..

Laughing every day reminds me how beautiful life is..
BEA {x} 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

JET SET: The Sartorial Doll Takes Monaco PART 2

BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP...Another 6am wake up call...except this time we're off to Stars 'n' Bars in Monaco's prestigious harbour to partake in Lisa's Zumba class. As I shake my booty and shimmy forward I find myself gazing out across the world-famous port that is Monaco's Harbour and my gosh WHAT A VIEW.

Many find themselves displaying their wealth in the tax-free haven which we call Monaco; where the wealthy squander their wealth at The Cafe de Paris Casino, lapping up lavish wines with caviar, but more so in the formation of a yacht....or if you're a real big dog....the super yacht. The notably, larger sized yachts display their dominance in the harbour with helicopters placed just so, on their own private helipad; with smaller yachts trailing behind with the addition of Jet Skis and what not. As you step foot upon any of the yachts, you are immediately greeted by staff who usually hand you a glass of champagne. This is a completely different world, one so different from what you may know, yet the people are undeniably more humble than you may think.

Me, Jazzmin and Millie - Both Jazzmin and Millie are my oldest childhood friends

I absolutely love the people of Monaco, so friendly and fun (well the people I have met anyways..)! Lisa's class is oversubscribed with almost 40 people attending her classes daily and they LOVE it. The turnout was impressive, but not as impressive as Lisa...girl you can move! I can positively say that you are THE BEST Zumba teacher I have ever had, and well.... I wouldn't mind doing that every morning.

xoxo REUNITED xoxo

Peace out bitches!

Apres Zumba, all the Zumba ladies sat around sipping Cafe du Lait and handing Jazzy wonderful gifts for her 21st whilst gossipping over the latest dance moves, outfit choices for later and of course Jazzy's 21st Birthday!!! Life seems so simple here, so relaxed, but in a sense it isn't reality. In fact the best way I can describe it to you is by referring to The Truman Show, a movie worth watching. I love Monaco, every time I go, it inspires me to work harder so that one day I can afford the lifestyle I desire and that isn't achieved by marrying a rich man... I will make my own success one day, that I am sure of.


Jazzmin and Lisa - They look more like sisters than mother and daughter don't ya think...?

What I Wore:
Sports Bra/ Skort - Both by H&M
Trainers - Nike

Note: H&M have an excellent range of gym wear at ridiculously affordable prices. I am a bit of a knock-off Nigel when it comes to gym clothes, I love a bargain and hate splashing out when I could realistically buy a cute dress for Friday. SO! Check it out...with a range of styles and colours it is personally my favourite. Another great place for gym gear that is CHEAP AS CHIPS is Lillywhites (Piccadilly Circus). If you really want to be a bargain Bill then this is the place. The average price for leggings is £6/£7. Every girl wants to look relatively cute at the gym...you never know who you might meet!

Zumba Ladies!!!
Bea {x}

Thursday, 18 September 2014

JET SET: The Sartorial Doll takes Monaco PART 1

....the alarm sounds...except it's 7:15am and my taxi was booked for 6am, to take me where? THE AIRPORT. I don't think I have ever jumped out of bed in such a flash! The panic drew in when I realised I could miss my flight, which inevitably, I did. So about 7 hours later I re-embarked on my journey to the beautiful land that is MONACO with another flight booked and hand-luggage in tact.

DETAILS: I was never the kind of girl to travel in a tracksuit..

Whilst my journey didn't set off to a great start, I began to really enjoy my adventure making friends along the way and having quite a laugh. Whilst waiting in the line for Security Control I was stopped by a lovely girl named Kelly. We originally began by discussing my Monster Diamond Tear Headphones, which Kelly loved, but later ended up as friends. It turns out that Kelly is just moving to London from LA. So... I have agreed to show her around the town! After shopping and even more shopping due to most of the planes suffering from delays, including mine...snoreee.... I said goodbye to Kelly and took myself to the Champagne and Caviar Bar for a well-deserved glass of Rose Champagne.

Along the way I somehow managed to meet and talk to so many interesting people, the joys of being independent and travelling alone, I actually rather enjoyed it. I even met a lovely...but absolutely barking mad french lady who was taking the bus to see her son. She couldn't speak one word of English and all I knew to say was "Je parle petit anglais" and "Je ne comprende" along with a few other small mutterings. This was putting my school-girl french to the test! We ended up having a complete giggle and well I can truly say she made a not so bearable journey very bearable!

The reason for my trip was to REUNITE with my oldest and bestest friend in the whole wide world for her 21st Birthday. Jazzmin is my oldest childhood friend and as soon as Jazzy and her mummy Lisa moved to Monaco back when we were 7, we became seas apart... I visited Monaco every year thereafter, up until I was 16, to which I was unfortunately unable to go, and so, this was a BIG MOMENT for us obviously resulting in tears (tears of happiness that is)! Seeing as I missed my bloody morning flight, it unfortunately meant that I missed out on a days worth of gossiping, catching up and tanning...well I suppose I could have 'tried' to tan. I, myself am more like a piece of white bread, with pale porcelain skin, when sunbathing I tend to go golden, almost like a piece of bread that is lightly toasted. Unless I burn that is... in which case I suppose I look like a lobster. OUCH!
Jazzmin in her walk in wardrobe...it is literally like a shop with photographs on the front of shoe boxes and rails and rails of beautiful clothes...literally every girls dream...lucky biatch!

Bea {x}

Monday, 1 September 2014



From L-R: Alicia, Julia, Martha, Dan, Melissa, Ollie, Bea, Pippa


THE RISE OF THE TARTAN!!! Oh how I have missed you! Yeah...yeah... I know it's technically 'still' summer and whilst we squander at the ever-disappearing range of summer clothes, slipping from the rails; the shop floors are being smothered with AW14 lines, and oh my, I can't help but get over excited whenever I spot a bloody good piece of Tartan. This time around though, good old Charlie Robson picked out this winner...you fashionista YOU! Topshop's Tartan Skort. Looks a lot like a kilted mini skirt from the front, but is most definitely shorts when looking from the back. A green, woven tartan made with deep, indulging forest greens, the creme de la creme of warm winter colours.

The skort? This little skirt/short combo is too comfy, however due to being such a BAD A$$ BITCH my ass doesn't want to fit into a size 8...honestly though I love it when that happens. Bain of my life...LITERALLY. Anyways, although the size 10 comes up larger around the waist, I still opted for these and obv matched them with one of my staple pieces this season - the cropped turtle neck tank. TOPSHOP you do aim to please don't you! For a mere £10 you can get them in an array of colours, of which I now own 5 and well, they go with everything! £50 well spent in my eyes unless your my dad and the question "where does all your money go Bea?" springs to mind........



Bea {x}