Tuesday, 24 May 2016

DINE WITH BEA: Jewish Penicillin - My Favourite Chicken Soup |

When we are in the wars, as my grandmother would say, we all crave our favourite comfort food. Growing up, chicken soup was quite literally the cure for everything, we don't call it Jewish Penicillin for nothing! When I am poorly, there is nothing more satisfactory than a bowl (...or several) of my mother's chicken soup. My mother's chicken soup was a little less traditional than her inspiration, my nanny Pauline; except, my mother, who acquired her Cordon Bleu through Raymond Blanc's cookery school, would add seasonal vegetables such as suede, parsnip, leek, sweet potato and even potato to deepen the flavour of the stock and add various textures and flavours to each and every mouthful. The root vegetables are earthy and sweeter in taste, suede is the most flavourful of them all, textured similar to a carrot, yet the sweetest of them all and it is delicious!! The most delicious winter warmer...

Mother's Kneidels (Matzoh balls) were always made from scratch and abstractly large. I mean let's just say you definitely got your servings worth, and they were fluffy, and moist; not dense. I personally am more in favour of the traditional Kneidlach for chicken soup, dense and small; with the larger, fluffier Matzoh ball dumplings perfect for accentuating winter stews. Except they aren't Gluten Free so I will need to experiment in the kitchen to create an alternative, seeing as Matzoh meal contains wheat! I've used past tense, don't fret my mother is still alive. In fact she is currently indulging in 'Gambas Pil-Pil' on Mistral Beach in Marbella. It is here that I tasted the spiciest, freshest and most delicious Prawn Pil Pil IN THE ENTIRE WORLD (to date), which undoubtedly has been enjoyed every year since the age of 6. I like my spice... If you are reading this, HI MUM! HOPE YOU'RE HAVING AN ABSOLUTE HOOT - I am shouting because you are F A R    A W A Y!

My mother and step-father at Mistral beach, my favourite beach in Marbella. The food here is incredible, gigantic tiger prawns on skewers along with lobster, beautiful seabass and THE BEST PRAWN PIL PIL IN THE WORLD. Have an amazing time guys - Miss You xo

But anyways, seeing as I did move over 2200 miles away, to the sun-bronzed, cosmopolitan metropolis that is Tel-Aviv. My new home is far away from the bitter, jaw-chattering winters and unforgivable, foreseeable rain showers. Except I now have to fend for myself (and I love it)! Yes that means I have been able to perfect my own chicken soup recipe, one that will be passed down to my children for them to also experiment and perfect, but most importantly enjoy every sip with happiness and love.

In regards to being young, fun and no longer living with mum (I like this rhyme a lot); The other night I procrastinated for 2 hours before putting my freshly laundered bed sheets on my bed - TED talks got the better of me. My slight OCD means that NOTHING clean can touch the floor without having to be washed again (give or take depending)- it involves standing on a higher surface, getting inside the (inside out) duvet cover, grabbing two corners and flapping about like a bird trialling lift-off. Lets be honest - I don't lift off, instead smile in relief, feeling fully-accomplished and often hot and slightly bothered. It's a real palava, mum thank you for all the years that you made my bed, I definitely took it for granted.

Whilst I didn't grow up in a religious family and we didn't keep shabbat, we did have my favourite chicken soup! For Ashkenazi Jews, it is part of tradition to indulge into a bowl of their mother/grandmother's chicken soup at sundown on Friday's, or in all of our cases when the flu gets the better of us. My Nanny, Step-mother and Step-grandmother make a more traditional jewish chicken soup, which has inspired my own recipe a lot. I have gained inspiration from each and every one of them and developed my favourite recipe, which I now want to share with you all :) It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, this is a recipe to be enjoyed by everyone! Trust me it is the best cure for anything! You feel poorly? You need chicken soup! Did your boyfriend break up with you? Yeah you definitely need chicken soup! You want to lose weight? So...it's chicken soup week! Whatever it is...chicken soup can cure it. Enjoy my very own recipe:

My Jewish Chicken Soup

Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 4-12 hours
Serves: 6-8
(It's chicken soup week for me and whoever comes over for supper!)

What's in it?

- 1 Fresh Whole Chicken (take the guts out BLEURGHH)
- 4 Bay Leaves
- Handful of Parsley
- Handful of Dill
- 1 White Onion
- 2 Stalks of Celery
- 6 Large Carrots
- 1 Leek
- Handful of Black Peppercorns
- 3 Tsp Salt
- 2 Tbsp Osem Chicken Stock (find in Kosher section of Supermarket - PS check for Gluten Free options as they aren't always GF, so if you are Coeliac YOU MUST CHECK)

Make the Magic Happen...

1. I always get my meat from the fresh meat counter, you can also visit your local butcher for a prime bird, but it is whatever floats your boat. Make sure all the gross insides are firmly OUT OF THERE! For those who enjoy a Jerusalem Mixed Grill (you know who you are).. save them for later...
2. Once your bird is prepared, pop her in a large stock pot with 3 tsp Salt and cover with water. Bring to the boil on a low-medium heat for 45 minutes.
3. In the meantime, prepare you veg! Peel the carrots and chop into circles around 2cm thick. Chop the celery; peel and slice the Onion into quarters; chop the leek into 1-2cm rounds and place in a bowl with the peppercorns, parsley and dill.
3. Getting a ladle, lightly skim all the fat off the top into a bowl. The fat is separate from the water and floats on the top in an oil-like consistency. You can leave some for flavour, but I remove the majority.
4. Once you have removed the fat, add all the veggies etc from the bowl and simmer on a low heat for 1 hour and 30 minutes with the lid on. I often make the night before and leave to stew overnight with the lid on (no heat) as it is always better the next day and the heat remains for quite a few hours, leaving the flavours to stew and ferment.
5. In the morning remove the chicken from the stock pot onto a large plate and remove the skin and bones, taking all the beautifully tender chicken breast and adding it back in to the soup.
6. Bring to the boil on a low simmer removing all the fat from the top once more, and topping up with any lost water (depending on how many you are feeding) and continue to simmer for an hour, until piping hot.
7. Serve and enjoy piping hot...but don't burn your tongue.

TIP: Serve with cracked black pepper on top! 

As we say here in Israel: 
Or in other words, Bon Appetit my darling dolls! 


Bea xo.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Cutest & Fluffiest Gluten Free Cupcakes Ever |

Oh Glorious Cupcakes! Baking cupcakes has to be one of my favourite past-times and has been since about the age of 5, my mother who acquired Le Cordon Bleu through Raymond Blanc's private cookery school, has always been into baking. From meringooey grasshopper pie, to the BEST carrot cake I have ever tasted in my life, spotted dick cupcakes, bakewell tart and many, many more. I didn't just grow up baking vanilla sponge and chocolate cakes, which broadened my mind to the different flavours and methods of baking desserts at a young age, with carrot cake being a regular...which I will bake and share with you soon.

Growing up I was very much into baking, making cakes of all different flavours creatively decorated with different icing/frosting was also something that my granny and I loved to do together, granny if you are reading this, I love you and miss you, next time I am home, let's make cupcakes and bake apple pie! We would walk to the end of the garden with a wicker basket in which we would collect these big, green, juicy apples from the apple tree which remained beautifully at the very bottom of the garden by the swing at Sage cottage. I love making apple pie with Granny, she undoubtedly makes THE BEST! So with that in mind, I am going to make my own pastry and create Granny's Gluten Free Apple Pie to bring it back to life after all these years of not making it...especially for you.

There is no reason why everyone shouldn't enjoy cupcakes every once in a while, it doesn't need to be a special occasion! I made my Cute & Fluffy cupcakes for my team at work simply because I felt like it! They are simple to make, too much fun and so damn delicious. However since coming to the realisation that I am in fact GLUTEN INTOLERANT...DUN DUN DUUUUN, it's too often that I miss out on the cupcake party. Birthdays, party's, bakery's and pretty much anywhere that you may stumble across them...they're not GF yo. Plus even if they are, they aren't WOW. Out of all the Gluten Free cupcakes that I tasted in London, they were either too dense and dry or flavourless and well, y'all can't beat my buttercream icing! I honestly think that mine are better than anyone's, in fact I am shocked at how well they turned out. Modest I know, but really...They were fluffy and buttery-moist, with a melt in the mouth texture that is complemented by the most delicious vanilla buttercream frosting, but most importantly, you couldn't even tell they were GLUTEN FREE!!


The Rookie Errors of Cupcake Baking: 
- Using improper food colouring which alters the taste of the buttercream frosting to become bitter and tasting like chemicals BLEURGHHH
- Boring cakes. HAVE FUN WITH IT! GET MESSY!

RULE 1: Cupcakes are made to be shared & enjoyed.
Firstly, you create a batch of around 16. The decorating is a work of art. They are a happy cake, I associate so much happiness with cupcakes, from making them from scratch as a child, or out of a box with those hello kitty, barbie and Tom & Jerry edible papers...LOL. Not only do they put a smile on my face, but everyone's around me. Receiving a beautiful, delicious cupcake ALWAYS makes you smile, as does making them.

RULE 2: You need a piping bag and variety of nozzles to get really creative!
Cupcakes are SO yummy and require you to be creative and arty, the more resources you have available to you, the more creative you can be. Cake decorating is a serious art and can involve complex methods and design.

RULE 3: Bake with LOVE! 
I truly believe that food made with love is food better enjoyed, trust me you can taste the love. Everyone who eats my food feels such happiness and well it's an experience in itself because when I present my food, I also provide an understanding of how flavours are developed and created along with inspiring others that food is more than just a daily chore. Sharing is caring and food is a beautiful way of making others smile whilst expanding their visions of food and cooking. Questions often arise on how I make my creations, in turn they learn and I am able to inspire.

RULE 4: Everything to the weight of 2 large eggs (avg. 140g) 
A baking secret my mother shared with me. This applies to flour, sugar, butter plus the actual 2 eggs! This makes for moist, fluffy cupcakes which melt in your mouth...dribble...

RULE 5: For coloured icing use specially designed food colouring for cake icing.
No one wants to feel like they're tasting E numbers and have that BLEURGHHH chemical tasting in their mouth. I find that the cheap supermarket bought food colourings do just this. I got professional food colouring which is not dripped again and again lessening the delicious flavour. Instead I dip the point of a sharp steak knife in and the tiniest bit of the viscous formula adding a rich colour. More can be added of course to darken the colour. I got mine in my favourite baking store at Shuk Hacarmel in Tel Aviv but you will be able to find these in any good baking store.

RULE 6: Always use double the quantity of icing sugar compared with butter for the creamiest Buttercream Frosting.

The Rookie Errors of Cupcake Baking: 
- Using improper food colouring which alters the taste of the buttercream frosting to become bitter and tasting like chemicals BLEURGHHH

RECIPE: Cute & Fluffy Gluten Free Cupcakes 
(makes 16 cupcakes)

What's in it?

(140g OR Weight of your 2 large eggs)
For The Cupcakes: 
- 140g Gluten Free Flour
- 140g Granulated White Sugar
- 140g Unsalted Real Butter (soften before, I left mine out for an hour or so)
- 2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
- 2 tbsp Double or Whipping Cream
- 3 tsp Vanilla Extract

For The Buttercream Frosting: 
- 200g Unsalted Butter (soften before, I left mine out for an hour or so)
- 400g Icing Sugar
- 3 Tsp Vanilla Extract
- Tbsp Double or Whipping Cream

Make The Magic Happen!

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and weigh out the ingredients.
2. Mix together the softened butter and sugar, I use a wooden spoon, I'm pretty old school. You can of course mix it up with a stand/hand mixer.
3. Beat in 2 eggs, bicarbonate of soda and vanilla extract mixing together.
4. Sift in the GF flour folding the mixture to prevent it , then give it a real good mix/stir removing all the bumps.
5. Add the double cream and give it a final stir...before you prepare to lick the spoon...BOWL.
6. Using a tablespoon and a teaspoon, spoon 1 tablespoon of cake mixture into each cupcake cup, I also used a silicone heart-shaped cupcake tray.
7. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR during the 15 minutes, it will tamper with the rising of the cupcakes. After 15 minutes, stick a knife into one of the cakes to see if the batter has cooked all the way through. The knife should come out clean, just greasy.
8. Leave the cupcakes to cool...it's time to make the yummiest buttercream frosting!
9. Mix together in a bowl the icing sugar and butter until smooth, then add the vanilla extract and double cream.
10. Depending on how many colours you are intending to make, divide the icing into separate bowls, I made pink, green and blue, therefore I had 3 bowls.
11. Mix in the colouring until at your desired colour.
12. Prepare the piping bag by cutting off the end about 1-2cm using sharp scissors and place the nozzle inside. Spoon in the buttercream frosting and push town, tying the top in a knot.
14. Share them with the people you love and enjoy! Besides you just made these beautiful cakes, ensure you have that first bite :)

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Bea {x}

Monday, 11 April 2016

DINE WITH BEA: The Tomato & His Hat In The Nest |

It is no secret that my love for creativity in the kitchen has spiralled out of control, in a beautiful way of course. However, at this moment in my life, I feel I cannot eat food nor cook it like a normal person anymore, I refuse to settle for either, something I have already made, or something that hasn't involved some form of invention and beauty. I can't stop, it is an addiction. The feeling that I get from inventing, creating, designing and developing ideas, which simply come from gazing at my ingredients and my surrounding, not just objects but feelings aside, emotions that are propelling me into this wonderland...that in hindsight, I have no idea where it will all lead. I suppose that is the beauty of this passion of mine, I lose myself in it all, to me it is a drug, not only does it make me ever so happy, but I am putting smiles on other people's faces which is priceless. What's more, I am inspiring them and in turn they inspire me because without them, this would all be worthless.

So here I am at 1am...plot lost. The pasta is boiling and I have my miniature fried egg pan on the stove with oil sizzling away (thanks for that mum it really is a nifty little saucepan). As I rush around my kitchen trying to make this crazy little idea come together in a matter of minutes, before the spaghetti is ready to be served, my phone rings. It's Ovi, who I recently acclaimed as a much appreciated, talented foodie friend plus, I figure, a slightly if not borderline eccentric like me. I mean you shouldn't even ask why he was out picking wheat in the wilderness at 1am.. I guess I am not the only one. LOL. Then suddenly I realise, I am quite literally (with my phone in my ear pressed against my shoulder) picking up these oily strands of pesto smothered spaghetti with my CLEAN, bare hands and placing them on my plate in pretty little nests. In I popped the little tomatoes, well equipped with their hats. So how do you find yourself in this situation at 1am?

I didn't get home from work till gone midnight, my new hours mean I can use the mornings to develop new recipes and trial them, to then later share with my work colleagues that afternoon. However, after stepping into the kitchen and staring aimlessly inside my overcrowded fridge of fresh produce from the Shuk, looking for answers, which undoubtedly I chose not to find. I decided, OK pesto pasta it is. Reasons why this can more often than not be a go to meal:

- ready in 10 minutes
- it'll do
- it's late...don't cook something now you'll be up all night then you will be full when you go to sleep, and as my mother always told me DONT EAT PAST 7....already done.

In goes the gluten free pasta and then it just happened...ok so this is where I go back to the AM I SANE moment. The moment you realise that eating pesto pasta in a bowl will not be satisfying enough, and that I can make my own version of the classic dish. Normal will not do and as I reopen the fridge for ideas, creativity is flowing through my veins which is when I created:

The Tomato & His Hat in The Nest
What's in it?

- 80g Gluten Free Spaghetti
- 3 Tsp Pesto (shop bought or homemade, I used shop bought...it's 1am guys...)
- 1 Tsp of Feta Cheese (Goat)
- 3 Cherry Tomato's
- Olive Oil to Drizzle
- Parmigiano (parmesan cheese)

Make the Magic Happen:

♥ Boil Spaghetti for 8-10 minutes, until cooked al dente, you don't want the spaghetti to fall apart in your hands

♥ Chop the hats of the cherry tomato's and using a knife, delicately cut out their insides. No this is not the operating table, how dare I make it sound like one.

♥ Place a small bit of Feta cheese inside each and every tomato and place in a small saucepan with 1/2 tsp olive oil. 'place' sounds so delicate...just shove it in...JK please don't, this part really is delicate, you want the tomatoes to stand up so that the cheese doesn't spill out.

DID YOU KNOW: Cooking tomato's boosts the antioxidant power and enhances their nutritional value by increasing the lycopene content that can be absorbed by our body. Oh and it changes the flavour!

♥  Drain the spaghetti, mix in the pesto. Picking up the pasta in your hands, swirl the strands in handfuls on a plate 3 times in order to create 3 nests.

♥  Place the tomato's inside the nests and cover with each of their hats.

♥  Sprinkle some freshly grated parmigiano on top and serve with salt and pepper.

Enjoy my Darling Dolls!

Kisses, Bea xo

Monday, 7 March 2016

Dine With Bea | Cauliflower Crust Pizza (Gluten Free) |

When you're gluten intolerant, Pizza is like the devil. Not only is it a restricted guilty pleasure, but it draws you in only to have INSTANT regret. You feel me? The best pizza I ever had was spicy AF and god damn delicious, I gave in to it on too many occasions. Guilty as charged. The culprit? The Rustica Piccante Pizza from Zizzi's, an Italian chain in England. "Made up of spicy n’Duja sausage, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, mozzarella, hot roquito chilli, fresh rocket and dollops of mascarpone that acts as a fire extinguisher for your mouth." OK OK my mouth is watering...it's no secret that I am hideously obsessed with spice and chilli and this is perfection. My friends more often than not are unable to handle my quantities of spice...must be my fiery red hair TSSS.

 Rustica Piccate Pizza C/O: Zizzi

Recently I have been micro-dosing gluten after I fully eliminated it from my diet since coming to Israel. Why? Because when I couldn't control myself, I gave in that fluffy FLUFFY oh so fluffy pitta bread to dip in my hummus at brunch and well, it seems the effects are far more severe than before as my body just can't handle it. I find myself miserable, moody, lethargic, sharp pains and OH look I am 5 months pregnant...JK JK, but seriously my stomach swells to the point I am sure you'd think I was preggo and I'm not exaggerating. It's funny slash totally not worth it. Micro-dosing, aka, a bite a day or here and there will re-introduce gluten to your insides and hopefully prevent you becoming ill if you do eat it. However, bar a naughty nibble, I have taught myself to no longer crave it, I can pass on it and I am fine without it, maybe because I accepted that I just couldn't eat it and hadn't bothered to create a gluten free base. Until now... INTRODUCING THE GLUTEN FREE PIZZA UNDER 500 CALORIES.

My roomate Sally has been banging on about the Cauliflower Crust Pizza for months; when she first mentioned it, I hadn't even bloody heard of it and I am a complete foodie. I mean it sounds delicious but hideously unpractical. The thought of the whole pizza crumbling and falling on the floor during the dreaded transfer from oven tray to plate got me like HELL NO! So I embarked on some research, OH how I love the advances of food and the now available options for us gluten free foodies. YAY! Lets be honest whilst people love to take the piss, half the world has quite literally gone gluten free. Be it those who choose to eliminate gluten from their diet because there are added health benefits and supposedly weight loss (UM...about the weight loss..? My scales must be broken or I just didn't get the memo), genuine intolerance, or in more serious cases, the Coeliacs. So if you don't accept it GET OVER IT! By the way, Israel is great for Gluten Free and Vegan with many options available, um, everywhere. London catch up won't you...I think you're a bit late to the Gluten Free Dinner PARTAY.

So let's get down to the Pizza which has revolutionised gluten free pizza, not only because it's low fat but because it is GLUTEN FREE. All hail the Cauliflower, I always did love you, you fluffy cloud of nutrients and vegetable goodness.

COOKING TIME: 25 minutes 


| T H E. B A S E |
- 1 Cauliflower
- 20g Unsalted Almonds
- 2 eggs (beaten)
- 2 Cloves Garlic
- Handful of Parsley
- Zatar/Oregano (or both)
- Salt n' Pepper
- Clean Tea Towel/Dish Cloth/Cheese Cloth/Muslin Cloth

Design your own pizza toppings!

| T O P P I N G S |
(experiment as you please my darlings doll, everyones pizza should reflect their mood and wishes) 
- 1/2 Jar Tomato & Chilli Pasta/Pizza Sauce
- 5 Plum Tomatoes (I used 2 varieties but one is fine, cherry tomatoes are also DELICIOUS AF)
- Mozzarella Balls
- 1/2 Red Bell Pepper
- Red Chilli



1. Wash your cauliflower and strip him of his stalk and leaves. I removed as much stalk as possible and have stored it in ye old fridge for later...
TOP TIP: the stalk is delicious eaten raw with hummus or used in a vegetable soup!

2. Using a food processor, or in my case, the NUTRI BULLET (use with caution, it is not meant to be used as a food processor so in the event that you too decide it works perfectly well, blend in small quantity batches) blend up the cauliflower, almonds, 2 cloves of garlic and parsley to create a rice looking formula.

I blended the cauliflower, almonds, parsley & garlic separately and then mixed together

3. Place the cauliflower 'rice' in a microwavable dish and cover with cling film. Heat for 5-6 minutes in the microwave until soft and stand to cool for 2-3 minutes.

4. Open the Tea Towel and place the cauliflower 'rice' inside the cloth, squeeze it tight to make a ball, letting all the liquid drain out. MAKE SURE you have removed as much of the liquid as possible. Once you open the tea towel you will see a dough-like-ball has been created.
TOP TIP: Save the liquid for later, it has a lot of flavour and can be added to a vegetable soup along with the stalks. 

I have saved the leftover juice to add to a vegetable soup as the parsley,
almond and garlic residue remain in the cauliflower juice

Once you have squeezed out all the remaining liquid you should be left with a ball

5. Beat 2 eggs in a bowl and add the dough ball and mix together. This is your cauliflower dough!


7. Line a baking tray with a sheet of baking paper and grease with olive oil to prevent it from sticking. Place the dough on the baking tray. Now, you are ready to make the base!

Cook With Love xo.

8. TOTAL LOVE! Look at my heart, it's too cute, obv you can choose how you want your pizza to look, I make all my food with love so I opted for a heart shape. I did this using my hands, I pressed down and pushed the dough outwards forming my heart shape. I used a spoon to mount the edges to create a crust and pressed around the inside to perfect the crust.
TOP TIP: You don't want the base to be to thin as it will break, especially if you have many topping, so make it at least 1cm thick, making it thicker at the edges. Also keep it tight by pressing down using the palm of your hand.

9. Place base in oven for 10-15 minutes and then take out to add toppings

10. Firstly, spread the tomato sauce, I chose a tomato and chilli sauce for added flavour. Add your toppings, add anything you like, have fun with it!!! As you can see I added 2 varieties of plum tomato, black and red, I sauteed half a red bell pepper in plenty of olive oil and poured it on top, mozzarella balls, some freshly sliced red chilli and garnished with fresh basil leaves.

11. Finally, place in the oven for a further 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted and it starts to crisp! 


Enjoy My Darling Dolls!!

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| Bete Avon | Bon Appetit | Enjoy | 

Bea xo.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

M Y. 1ST. A P A R T M E N T |


So many things to do, decisions to make, my life feels as though it is revolving around spreadsheets and lists thanks to my extremely organised and fabulous roomate, Sally. With this girl in your life, I feel nothing can go wrong, while I am a dreamer and a wanderer, she knows her way around like a navigation tool and with this being her 5th apartment - she's experienced! I refer to life as a whirlwind right now as everything in my life feels so positive but I am being pulled in a million directions like shooting stars. I feel a mixture of emotions for reasons relating to all the wonderful way life in Israel is evolving for me.

I T ' S. H A P P E N I N G.

...and so it is time to leave Brodetsky! Ulpan has been great, I have met friends here that I will have for life, I feel so lucky to have such great people surrounding me, because when your all alone and far away from home, your friends become your family. Finding an apartment has been up and down, there are always going to be push and pull factors when it comes to a life decision as BIG as this. Location, price, size and vibe. Vibe? Yes, I am one of those crazy people who feels a feeling in a home, hence why I want our apartment, no matter how crazy or different it may be, to just reflect how we feel at this moment in our lives where we are painting our lives in colour. Our apartment is located bang in the centre and so this is when we will really discover the city on our doorstep. I just love this city, it is full of nooks, cranny's and hidden treasures...the nightlife takes you away and well it's never-ending, it never sleeps. You can quite literally dance all night, which I do, of course. No changes there. With so much going on I find that when Thirsty Thursday comes a knockin...every single stress in my body is released and I wake up smiling like what a GREAT NIGHT. Because in the midst of all the craziness and struggles you realise that there is no reason to be bored in a life as beautiful as the one we are living. So yeah if you didn't get it already...IM LOVING LIFE. LITERALLY.

So here's to the many great memories to be made not only in Tel Aviv but in our new home, I can't wait to live them and most importantly share them with all my favourite people, because an experience is better shared with the ones you love!

PS. Huge Roof Terrace = P A R T Y. T I M E
(get on your dancing shoes)

A L M O S T. T H E R E.

In the midst of the whirlwind I find myself spinning round and round in day after day, we are almost moved in to our new apartment. Apart from the fact that both my bed and my new memory foam mattress (comfy AF) are still yet to be delivered...So Brodetsky remains our home for the next few days. Oh and we have still a lot to buy, to furnish a whole apartment is a job that will blossom over time as Sally and I paint the place with our personalities, I mean this is my first apartment, I want it to be memorable, and so my design ideas come to be a little out there. A bit outside the box to say the least. Sally's response to my indecisive questions "This is YOUR 1st apartment, do what makes you happy and style it however you like"  ER HOLD UP! Is this girl for real? Yes, YES she is. Please bear in mind that knowing me comes with knowing I am a little eccentric and like to think outside the box, because life is too short and I love life!

But remember...I am ginger...I have no soul... 

Bedroom GOALS

B R I G H T. C O L O U R S

The design. Considering I have grown up with crystal-mirrored glass and neautrals with a splash of pink where needed, my mother has always been great at interior design, but I don't live at home anymore, and I am 22 years old, i'm young and i'm having the time of my life in this beautiful country which I call home. I fall asleep smiling and wake up smiling, and I feel stronger than ever. I can't tell you what a beautiful feeling it is, at this moment in time I don't see myself leaving. I am living my life in colour. So here I am with a bright pink sofa and bright coloured cushions. Y O L O. It looks Fuqin Fabulous! For those gasping with horror, gasp on, because I am throwing colours where they will shine, and if it were to fail, which undoubtedly they won't, you will just walk in and feel my motto: G O O D. V I B E S. O N L Y. G V O XO.

T H E. R O O M A T E

Ok, big shoutout to Sally Bregman, because lets be honest she is so great. Amongst the amazing people I have had the pleasure of meeting here in Irael, Sally has become like family to me. It feels weird if we have barely spoken, it began with me calling here everyday for a daily catch up due to our crazy busy schedules right now, I think at first little Sal was a bit like, "hi....." now it is part of our day, we do everything together and tonight we find ourselves alone on Valentine's so it's a BFF night with wine and great food. TREAT YO SELF!

So Sally if your reading this, you already know, yeah knows she is stuck with me for life! SO Lhaim!!!! CHEERS TO NEW BEGININGS and here is to the next chapter in our lives which, I know will be an unforgettable year! One I will cherish for ever...see you tonight my darling doll to raise a glass to discovering more about ourselves, life and this beautiful city, because lets be honest Tel Aviv Stole Our Hearts!

I have absolutely no idea why my forehead is so shiny... #nomakeupselfie

To be continued...




Saturday, 16 January 2016

Down By The River |

Can I just say...DOLLS, I'M BACK! Ok but seriously, boo who? Yes I was bed-ridden for 8 days, I'm sure some people here at Ulpan thought I died, yes I am that important (slash why did NOONE notice). OH and apart from the fact I almost went insane, started and finished the whole of Orange is the New Black, I lost myself for a little while, it's pretty boring doing sweet FA. In spite of being so down in the dumps, it was time to get out of that bed-ridden funk I had gotten myself in to and take myself down by the river with none other than my favourite Parisian Princess, Abigaelle, my PIC (Partner in Crime).

After waking up fairly home sick and well...sad, which is allowed and it's totally normal, I mean I moved half way across the world by myself without my family or friends. Am I mad? Yes I am completely and utterly mad but GUESS WHAT. All the best people are... Today gave me more reasons to be thankful because really, I am blessed. I am so lucky to be living my life the crazy way I am. OH and it's January 16th, not my average Jan Saturday considering it's 23 degrees, I'm wearing a crop with my leggings and WOW it's a beautiful day. Far from the rainy and FREEZING cold city I call home, known as London, where lets be honest, whilst we love to talk about the weather, it rains most of the year round and our summer's are virtually non-existent. Apart from the odd heatwave which honestly lasts two minutes and the whole country is in shutdown...like the drought. Since when was England the Sahara Desert. London I Fucking Love You BUT I can't help but lap up the lavish sunshine, turn that frown into a crown and remind myself why I came here in the first place. There is no reason to be sad in a world as wonderful as this.

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

As we wander through Yarkon Park, the air is filled with that marvellous smell of freshly cut grass, it fills you right up; the green is full of people smiling, laughing, playing ball, whilst lovers sit kissing by the riverside. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and the grass really is greener on the other side. I hear English voices, American, French, Russian and of course the wonderful Hebrew language. I live in this new city full of character and diversity, which I now call home. Tel-Aviv is made up of like-minded people from all over the world, all coming together to live here in Israel...one love.

I finally feel me again...GVO xo.


Today I'm Wearing: 

Neon Workout Leggings - Victoria Secret Sport *TOTAL LOVE* (in store now)
Running Jacket w/ Neon Pink - Victoria Secret Sport
Tokyo Sleeveless Crop - H&M
Trainers - Nike
HOMIES Headband - Urban Outfitters

I am in love with my new Victoria Secret workout leggings, this season's collection is full of colour

#I have this thing with floors


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